Questions for my buds

Hey so here are some questions on diesel engines, trucks, and 4-wheel drive fun for you buds of mine that are knowledgeable on this shiznit.

On a grade of 20 to 30 max on crumbling roads is it good to always use 4-wheel going up?

Should 4-wheel be used going down?

Would 4-low be the best with more weight as long as you drive it snail style on up?

What is a good warm up time for a diesel truck in the jungle?

What are the ups and downs of 4-high to 4-low?

Hit me up on these here or my email.  THank Mons

Ok More pics The FUNKY CREW

My Home away from Home!

Harlequin Beetle in Rainbow-fantastic Blow-out special Guru Dogs 1200 Dolla!


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I am Alive

Hey friends I am still here and loving it, but working my booty off.  Celebrated Divali last week and lit up our entire street with fireworks and candles and i took a bottle rocket blast to the face.  Fun times.

For the last couple of Weeks I have been living at the Dutchess’s Lalaja home which means electricity comes from a diesel battery, no internet access and i live with bats and geckos that cackle like evil monkeys and poop on my cereal.

So here are some pics of awesome.

This is My Trini Lady Marbles enjoying the Jungle.  She loves dancing and Snuggling.

Here is Another Creature.

It is related to the Lantern Bug, but has a saw toothed snout and has cool wings and is super awesome!  Go Hemiptera.

Well folks i am back in a civilization zone so more blogs will be post now until I move back into the jungle in two weeks.         Ok Real Boss Mon

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A rewind and an update

So back in the day (rewinding) like 3 weeks ago, while in Colorado, I attended a festival full of happy dressed up bikers for a great cause, drink beer!  TOur De FAt fatness.  Here is a link to a facebook pic of me and my homies in our festivus outfits->!/photo.php?pid=57799474&id=4904545&ref=fbx_album .

Funk September recap has been finished.  I am putting it in the books!  Thank you team, we did it!  The next post will be about my tobago trip but i don’t have my pics yet from it so that is on its way.  Now for bret’s creature of the day.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Dermochelys Coriacea

A magnificent beast of the sea.  These are the largest turtles on the planet, if I lay down next to her, I would be head to back flipper toe with her.  They like eating deep sea squid and jellyfish.  Don’t pollute plastic bags in the ocean, because she is a silly turtle and will think that the bag is a tasty jelly, but it is NOT, it is a deadly human fake demon jelly!

Yeah boy!

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I’m back, back in Trini, Trini!

So I am now back to my home away from home.  It is hot and wet and mosquito’y.  I love it.  Funk starts tomorrow and we are going to blast.  Those guppies won’t know what safely caught, marked, and released them back into their streams.  Spazzle style.

The Entrance to Science!

Oh and I will try to post a picture of a new and exciting creature of Trinidad.  This time it is of the dangerous green stalker and husband killer, the Praying Mantis, order Mantidae.  when I am able to find the genus and species of my creatures I will post that with them, but i don’t know this one, so just gander at its all powerful sneaky self.

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I am a Guppy Marker Now, Hizzah!

I marked 100 guppies today.  All were silly males.  I had a mini trini reunion with 4 o.g. members all aiding me in my quest of marking.  Like the good ol’ days back in Trini land.

This is a crazy picture of a silly male radiated, showing there lateral line sensor cells.  Science is RADICAL!

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I started a Blog

Hey everybody!

This is the beginning of my blog-o-sphere. I will take you deep into the dark majestical jungle land that is TRINIDAD and tobago, but Mostly TRINIDAD!

So right now I am in Fort Collins Colorado undergoing Guppy Boot Camp.  I get a new slew of exciting jobs like behavior analysis, marking guppies, sniffing out errors (kinda like Scruff McGruff), and giving orders, because  I’m the BOSS.

This is not Colorado, but gentle mountains of Montana which are closely related to Colorado mountains.  Like the second cousin or something.  Moto B just doing his thang, look’n regal.

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