A rewind and an update

So back in the day (rewinding) like 3 weeks ago, while in Colorado, I attended a festival full of happy dressed up bikers for a great cause, drink beer!  TOur De FAt fatness.  Here is a link to a facebook pic of me and my homies in our festivus outfits->http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2792552&id=4904545&ref=mf#!/photo.php?pid=57799474&id=4904545&ref=fbx_album .

Funk September recap has been finished.  I am putting it in the books!  Thank you team, we did it!  The next post will be about my tobago trip but i don’t have my pics yet from it so that is on its way.  Now for bret’s creature of the day.

Leatherback Sea Turtle Dermochelys Coriacea

A magnificent beast of the sea.  These are the largest turtles on the planet, if I lay down next to her, I would be head to back flipper toe with her.  They like eating deep sea squid and jellyfish.  Don’t pollute plastic bags in the ocean, because she is a silly turtle and will think that the bag is a tasty jelly, but it is NOT, it is a deadly human fake demon jelly!

Yeah boy!


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