I am Alive

Hey friends I am still here and loving it, but working my booty off.  Celebrated Divali last week and lit up our entire street with fireworks and candles and i took a bottle rocket blast to the face.  Fun times.

For the last couple of Weeks I have been living at the Dutchess’s Lalaja home which means electricity comes from a diesel battery, no internet access and i live with bats and geckos that cackle like evil monkeys and poop on my cereal.

So here are some pics of awesome.

This is My Trini Lady Marbles enjoying the Jungle.  She loves dancing and Snuggling.

Here is Another Creature.

It is related to the Lantern Bug, but has a saw toothed snout and has cool wings and is super awesome!  Go Hemiptera.

Well folks i am back in a civilization zone so more blogs will be post now until I move back into the jungle in two weeks.         Ok Real Boss Mon


About bretwr3

I like things and stuff and going there
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