Questions for my buds

Hey so here are some questions on diesel engines, trucks, and 4-wheel drive fun for you buds of mine that are knowledgeable on this shiznit.

On a grade of 20 to 30 max on crumbling roads is it good to always use 4-wheel going up?

Should 4-wheel be used going down?

Would 4-low be the best with more weight as long as you drive it snail style on up?

What is a good warm up time for a diesel truck in the jungle?

What are the ups and downs of 4-high to 4-low?

Hit me up on these here or my email.  THank Mons

Ok More pics The FUNKY CREW

My Home away from Home!

Harlequin Beetle in Rainbow-fantastic Blow-out special Guru Dogs 1200 Dolla!



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